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Produkte von Chateau Lynch Moussas

Château Lynch-Moussas Grand Cru Classé en 1855

The LYNCH MOUSSAS estate was owned since the 18th century by the Comte LYNCH in Pauillac, then was divised in two parts: LYNCH MOUSSAS and LYNCH BAGES. The building was kept by LYNCH MOUSSAS , as well as most of lands and vineyards. This great estate from more than two hundred acres was classified as a Classed Growth by the1855 classification.

Mr Jean CASTEJA, owner of the family-owned Château DUHART-MILON bought the estate in 1919 and run it until 1969 when Emile CASTEJA bought it to his brothers. A wind of change starts blowing since that date, revealing a modernized LYNCH MOUSSAS with a renewed vineyard, rebuilt cellars and vatrooms.

This 60 hectares-wide vineyard is carefully brought up in order to allow the today’s expression of unity and variety of a Terroir composed with 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot: debranching, deleafing, green harvests have been settled these last years to achieve a complete top maturity of high quality grapes.

 The manual harvests allow the team to bring to the modern vat rooms perfectly sound berries. The last checking takes place on the sorting table; this way, only the very best grapes arrive in the vat.

Emile and Philippe CASTEJA have always the willing of keeping enhancing the very best in the LYNCH MOUSSAS wines. Thus, they decided to create, since the 2001vintage, a second wine “Les Hauts de Lynch Moussas”, whose name comes from the plots located on the hill overhanging the building.

The wines of LYNCH MOUSSAS are today well known for their deep and dark colour, their red-fruity nose. They are round with a beginning of ripe tannins, followed by the typical hints of blackcurrant of the prestigious wines of Pauillac. These full-bodied wines have a significant length in the mouth.

They can be tasty as young but also be kept long by “connaisseurs”.

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